Stainless Steel Espresso Coffee Cup Mug

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Very cool and unique Stainless Steel Espresso Coffee Cup Mug☕ 

Great as a gift or for yourself! 🎁

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After fine polishing, the edges of the cup are finely ground, burr-free, round and smooth, without wounds

Mirror polished, the cup is finely polished, the surface is bright as a mirror, not easy to hide, easy to clean

Food grade material, made of food grade SUS304 stainless steel, resistant to corrosion, rust, and durable

Thick material, thick stainless steel, thick texture, durable, comfortable grip

Hollow anti-scalding cup body, double-layer hollow design body, held in the hand, not hot, more warm heart.

Thickened handle, handle thickness of about 3mm, thicker hand grip, more anti-scalding

The drawing process, the product adopts the drawing process, and the hand feels smooth and beautiful.

The mouth of the cup is round and smooth, and the cup mouth is carefully polished, leaving no burrs and no chamfering, and will not hurt the lips.

Elegant and feminine lines, low-key luxury

It not only reflects the pursuit of quality of life, but also pays tribute to art!





Name: Stainless steel double-layer coffee cup

Weight: large 164g / small 121g / small cup set 280g

Size: Large cup diameter 8*8cm/small cup/diameter 8*5.5cm/dish diameter 13.8cm

Capacity: small cup: 200ml / large cup: 300ml

Material: 304 stainless steel

Application: cafe, western restaurant, office, etc.

Options: large cup, small cup, small cup dish combination


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1* cup